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At Zing Marketing, always strive to be the best SEO company for criminal defense lawyers by giving EFFECTIVE service. That means a return on your investment.


We’re keeping ourselves up to date on the latest search engine news, the most effective strategies, and what’s working to build a return for defense attorneys.


We work with the top web developers and designers in the country to create the image that you’re looking for. Whether it be catchy articles or a memorable website design, the Zing team offers unique and creative options.


Roots with Spiderhouse

Erick Racedo got his start in Search Engine Optimization in 2013 with the renowned marketing firm, Spiderhouse in Burbank, California. It was with Spiderhouse that he learned how to get websites noticed in search engines.

While training and working with the Spiderhouse team, Erick invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars studying SEO from several other sources. He was even one of the original students for Brian Dean’s SEO That Works course.

I remember CEO of Spiderhouse asking me how knowledgeable I was in SEO. If I seemed uncertain in the slightest, he told me that I needed to be an ‘encyclopedia for SEO’.

Spiderhouse wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection for their clients, and that’s something I’ll take with me in all my business endeavors.

Running a Business

In 2014 Erick co-founded The Bird Marketing with entrepreneur and sales expert, Dan Eddington. It was here that he came to learn the basics of running a business.

AdWords ExpertIt was with The Bird Marketing that Erick began studying pay per click advertising, and within the first year of business he received recognition for WordStream for being in the top 5% of advertisers.

Along with the recognition from WordStream, he had become the top SEO writer and the top business and finance writer for Examiner.

Zing Marketing

Zing Marketing is the culmination of all the learning and experience acquired through Spiderhouse, The Bird Marketing and all those who have helped.

If it weren’t for guys like Phil Rozek (Local Visibility System) and Brian Dean I probably wouldn’t be able to do half the SEO I can do today.

Last, but not least, Erick accredits Stellar-eMarketing for being the company that first sparked his interest in SEO. Without Stellar, Zing Marketing might have never been created.

At the end of 2015 Erick created Nashville Web Design due to popular demand for his website building services and has since founded Landscape Marketing & SEO as well as BIG Marketing.





  1. A little red monster that refuses to go unnoticed.
    “We haven’t been able to get rid of this Zing in our back yard.”

"You might like me, and maybe you won't. The only sure thing is that I'll get you thinking and talking about me."


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Social Media Marketing keeps you in touch with your past clients/customers, while also generating new ones. This form of marketing is especially popular today because of the fact that it's been known to create life-time customers and continuously generate revenue. The creation of content for social media can be very time consuming, and hiring someone in-house can be extremely expensive. Zing Marketing provides high quality content and social media services through our sister company at http://socialmediamarketer.us.



Pay Per Click advertising is one of the quickest ways to see a return on your investment. With this service you will only pay whenever a person clicks on your ad and enters your website. SEO provides a higher return on investment, but often times you won't begin seeing that return for some months. For a business owner who is eager to get their phone ringing immediately, pay per click advertising might be the right choice for you. If you're interested in immediate return and long-term success, we recommend using SEO and PPC together.



Zing Marketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of getting your website in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people by putting you on the first page of search engines (such as Google). Your website is really only as valuable as it sells your product or services. Search Engine Optimization will help you with just that.


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